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IndiaTEQ Franchise

  •   You are authorized to sell over 1000+ research kits available at IndiaTEQ including software, Electronics & Mechanical Kits.
  •   You are listed as an official IndiaTEQ centre on our global Website.
  •   All enquiries from IndiaTEQ that originate from the city in or towns nearing the franchise are diverted towards that centre.
  •   You provide software systems with training to Engineers Students, Researchers and Institutes for research and development.
  •   You can provide our electronics kits and systems for Engineers, Students, Institutes and Researchers for research and development of electronics systems. Also, we develop customized systems as per orders.
  •   You can provide our innovative designed mechanical systems and kits for engineers, students, institutes and researchers for research and development of mechanical systems. Also, we develop customized systems as per orders.
Start Up Expenses
  •   Franchising fees to be paid to IndiaTEQ prior to commitment of the Process.
  •   Facility expenses required for office setup including rent / computers / equipment / amenities.
  •   Training fees required for recruitment and training of staff and travel / accommodation expenses
The Franchising Process
  •   The Phone Round - A preliminary discussion for you and us to discuss and know more about each other and see if we share the common business goals.
  •   Face to Face Talks - Face to face talk with us at our Corporate office for discussing technicalities, investment and payment terms.
  •   Payment & Commencement - The venture is commenced as per agreed terms and the franchising fees is to be paid. We now start coordinating with applicant on the office space and amenities sourcing and setups.
  •   Recruitment & Training - Training fees is to be paid at this point. Our trainers visit the facility for recruitment and training until we have a well skilled staff and amenities set up to ensure an efficient business process.
How it Works
  •   We provide fully working self-learning kits with timely service.
  •   We provide you 10 - 30% margin on various kits sold through you. This may increase to 40% on some products and bulk orders.
  •   We provide you credit limit as per mutually agreed terms.
  •   We do the online marketing for you.
  •   We provide you IndiaTEQ marketing materials for your facility and local marketing. We guide you on staff recruitment and train them.
  •   We provide you software setup for running the systems.
  •   We help you with various technical queries and doubts.
  •   We train you on required technologies and marketing skills.
  •   We do the online marketing to provide you online leads. We help you with various technical issues.
  •   We list you as a centre on our global website.
  •   We handle customer queries at your facility online.
  •   Applicant must have at least 150 sq ft space.
  •   Applicant must have basic technical knowledge.
  •   Applicant must have good internet access at his location.
  •   Applicant must have 1-2 Full time employed staff for IndiaTEQ work.
  •   Applicant premises must be located in an area suitable for the business.
  •   The suitability of premises will be decided by IndiaTEQ. Applicant needs to meet the setup requirements listed below.
  •   Applicant needs to pay the franchising cost and training fee that is decided by IndiaTEQ according to city and location of applicant premises.
  •   Applicant needs to deposit a fixed amount security for a period of 2 years.
  •   Applicant institution should be operated under a IndiaTEQ Banner.
  •   Applicant cannot sell any of our projects or copy of our projects without notifying us.
  •   Applicant cannot be a provider of any other company that provides self-project learning kits as long as he/she is associated with IndiaTEQ.
  •   Applicant needs to inform us 7 days in advance if he undergoes any address change of the premises.
  •   Applicant needs to follow our training and guidelines to provide proper service to customers.
  •   Applicant must possess suitable Computer setup to provide proper project service to customers.
  •   A good internet access is needed at applicant location to stay connected to IndiaTEQ support team.
  •   IndiaTEQ has the right to seal the deposit permanently if Applicant is found to violate any of above terms.
Setup Requirements

  Two to Twenty Computers - Desktop or Laptop

Staff Requirements
  •   Marketing Team
  •   Sales Team
  •   Business Development Team
  •   Accounting Team
  •   Technical Support Team


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