Answer: We provide Kits & components also. All Kits are pre-tested with necessary documents and video support so that you can build your project without our assistance. All our kits are user-friendly and self-explainatory. We will also provide Technical Support through Skype, For more details see our Technical Support Section below.
Answer: All our Kits are listed on our website. If you are still finding it difficult call us @ +91 70963 36324, +91 70963 36342 Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM and we will help you select your project title.

1: Product Videos All our Kits videos are available at our YouTube Channel YouTube Channel:
2: You can request abstract/Synopsis by submitting a form on Contact Us page or send us an email at
Answer: Yes, We take individual assignments as well which meets your requirement.
Answer: No, we make sure that nothing appears on the PCB.
Answer: Completely Knocked Down kits has all PCBs & Individual components, so you get practical hands-on-experience by assembling the kit and its components. Soldering & Testing skills are required. Good for colleges and Institutions who wants their students do all the work in college labs. Readymade kit is a plug and play project for students who do not have time to invest in projects. Self Assembly Kits has one plug and play project plus unsoldered PCB and some loose components so that you can both try making yourself and have ready project also in case something goes wrong. Click here to know more about the difference between all three services
Answer: Yes, you will get soft copy of the source code in our self learning CD.
Answer: All our kits are pre-tested ensuring guaranteed output. If by any reason your kit is not working because of any faulty parts, we will replace the kit or faulty part.
Answer: You can see sample contents in the resources section, Click here
Answer: Yes, you can join our training at some of our laboratories and institutes. For details send us an email on We train students in our classroom and laboratories by means of our kits so the student can gain good practical knowledge and hands on experience. If you cannot join our training you can buy our kit and learn yourself by using our video tutorials included with the kit. Click here for Kit Details and Sample Videos.
Answer: We test all our kits before we ship them. We have designed these Kits in-house ensuring they can be easily assembled by you.
Answer: Shipping of most electronics, embedded, Robotics Kits is FREE! For mechanical Kits it depends on the location and kit weight. We do shipping within 1 working days of the receipt of the order. It generally takes around 3-4 days after shipping to reach you depending on your location.
Answer: The cost of the kits and components start from Rs50/- onwards. All prices are inclusive of taxes etc.
Answer: The best way to purchase a kit or product is by generating an order online on the website by clicking the Add to Cart button and then completing the payment
You can also call our Customer service numbers: +91 +91 70963 36324, +91 +91 70963 36342 or Mail us at: to place an order.
You can purchase our products through our Dealer network also.
Answer: After you generate an order you can Deposit cash in our bank account or Pay online to our accounts
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Answer: In case Readymade project provided doesn't work, we will replace the project once we receive original project from you. We also provide Technical Support through Skype to solve minor problems, For more details see our Technical Support Section below.
Answer: We provide Technical Support through Skype to explain doubts or solve problems, For more details see our Technical Support Section. You can also call our Customer service numbers: +91 70963 36324, +91 70963 36342 or Mail us at: for help.
Answer: We ship the kits and products in a strong packaging. We take every bit of care so that the project reaches you safely. Still if there is an issue we will replace/repair the project free of cost.
Answer: No, you cannot purchase only documentation of the Kit. However synopsis is free. Click request free sysnopsis located nect to every Kit for your free synopsis or email us at .
Answer: Yes, we sell components, Educational toys and Kits.
Answer: Yes, We have few & Laboratories in couple of cities where we provide training services as well. We also have resellers listed on our Contact Us page.
Answer: Yes, we have all types of Kits, hardware & Software. We have many non-microcontroller Kits also.
Answer: To increase your knowledge you can visit our tutorial section.